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Any Company still looking for staff should take advantage of our rates, seeing as we are still offering the one off fee of £1000 per placement. And the best temp rates call for a quote and set up an account.


We are also a valueable resource to clients that need the extra help from time to time, to cover any situation that may arise. Full time or Part time staff, At just £1000 per placement. No 17% or 10% charge, just a straight £1000 fee, we have decided to exstend this offer to June of 2014 to meet demand.


News in brief, major concerns regards to the skill level within the trade. shocking is all i can say. as a company we try and source 706-1/2 or even 3, the nvq levels just highlight the need for a chef to be trained not given an NVQ after a few months. please only send a CV if you have the above or trained to a high standard with proven experiance.


Job Seekers

We are actively seeking all grades of catering staff for lots of full or part time work we have available, drop us your cv or give us a call


Find all important information on jobs here. we re currently looking for good reliable staff.


See Staffing for all important information on this topic.


 We are the best point of contact for anyone looking for staff. With us you will find reliable employees quickly and easily


New Clients Added in the Food Services
During recent months, we have been able to convince five new big clients in food services of the quality of our staffing services and can therefore offer even more jobs in this industry. We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and would like to also thank all of our staff who have made this success possible.

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